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Research Themes

The research mission of the Davis COEH is based on research strengths of UC Davis, occupational and environmental health needs of the surrounding communities and California, and specific interests of the COEH faculty.

Migration and Health

The demand for cheap labor is the most important pull factor for migration from relatively poorer to relatively wealthier societies. Work is the link between health and socioeconomic status; immigrants disproportionately work in low-paying and dangerous jobs that serve to reinforce the low socioeconomic status of immigrants. In the U.S., it is the agriculture, construction and service sectors that disproportionately employ Latino immigrants, our largest immigrant population. These sectors less commonly offer health insurance and are the industries with the highest rates of occupational injury and illness. Health is also impacted by work in the sense that living conditions, community violence, lack of proximity to exercise, fresh foods and transportation, and other issues associated with public space and city planning are all significantly impacted by income.

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